HOPWINN Apollo- S100 / 100W Solar Panel

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Note: 100w solar panels can only be used with 300w/500w generators
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Using high-end materials

Sunpower solar cells

Multilayer cell technology for the highest quality

ETFE laminated shell is durable enough, and multiple layers of EVA enhance adhesion, increase thickness, increase product strength, and extend the life of solar panels.The design life of the wire starts at 20,000 times. 

Off-Grid Power Supply

By generating renewable electricity from the sun's energy, Apollo-S100 solar panel is a reliable and budget-friendly power supplier to juice up your power station,laptop, drone, fridge, electric drill, and other devices whether your're at home or on the go.

High conversion efficiency

Solar panels use Sunpower Cell silicon wafers, using multi-layer cell technology to generate energy from sunlight, and have 99% high light transmittance and higher conversion efficiency than other traditional panels as high as 23.4%.


It is made with advanced lamination technology and surface durable ETFE material, which makes this 100w solar panel more durable, scratch-resistant, dust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. It has an IP65 waterproof rating and is splash-proof (don't put it in the rain or soak it in water).

Single Apollo- S100 for the Apollo-P 300

Apollo- S100 solar panel can quickly charge The  Apollo- P 300 within 9.5/5/4 hours.

Solar recharging steps:

1.Find the DC interface on the back of  Apollo- S 100

2. Connect DC interface with the DC input of  Apollo- P 300

Shop Apollo-P 300

Single Apollo- S100 for the Apollo-P 500

Apollo- S100 solar panel can quickly charge The  Apollo- P 500 within 9.5/5/4 hours.

Solar recharging steps:

1.Find the DC interface on the back of  Apollo- S 100

2. Connect DC interface with the DC input of  Apollo- P 500

Shop Apollo-P 500


Sunpower solar panel is a semi-flexible solar panel, which can be bent about 45 degrees. It is also a solar panel with high conversion efficiency at present. Its conversion efficiency is as high as 24.2%. Compared with polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels, it is more efficient. Lighter, thinner and softer, not easy to be crushed. In terms of light absorption, polycrystalline and single crystal can only absorb blue light, while the sunpower solar panel can absorb red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple seven colors of light, and both visible light and different visible light can be absorbed, which greatly improves the sensitivity of energy light absorption. Its weak light sensitivity is stronger, and it has a charging response under indoor light. It can be charged under the strong light of Yuba, but the current will be smaller. For other types of solar panels, there is basically no charging response.

To maximize the lifespan of the module, it should not get wet.

The output power of solar panels is affected by several factors. The main factors include climatic conditions, angle of light, and objects blocking light from reaching the panel. 

Dust and dirt on the surface should fifirst be removed using a soft cloth. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the solar module to remove any remaining dust or dirt. Any guano or other adhesive should be removed as soon as possible from the solar surface to avoid a reduction in performance. 

1. For HOPWINN Apollo-P 300 and Apollo-P 500 power stations. But not for Apollo-P 1000 and Apollo-P 2000 power stations (please use Apollo-S 200 and Apollo-S 400 to power them). 2. For most other brands of energy storage power supply, please refer to the input voltage range of other brands of power stations (the output voltage of Apollo-S 100 is 20V) to ensure compatibility. 3. For phones, tablets and Switch, please use the USB-C and USB-A ports on the panel regulator box to power them. 

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