500W/520WH HOPWINN Apollo-P 500 Portable Solar Generator

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The masterpiece alone with you, to provide power in any emergency energy shortage situation.

HOPWINN Apollo-P 500 can provide a maximum power of 500W for the device and can support a large number of devices and terminals. It’s ideal for situations like traveling, camping, party, RV, home blackout or emergency where you need more power for devices.

Operate or charge 11 devices simultanously

520Wh capacity and over 1000 cycle times Apollo-P500 can power 11 devices simultaneously. With 2 pure sine wave AC sockets and 2 usage ports and 1 type c port. Never worry about losing electrical appliances in your outdoor life.


Apollo-P 300 has 11 outputs and 520Wh battery capacity which can power several devices with all the ports you will use at the same time. There are three ways to charge Apollo - Car/Solar Panel/AC Wall Outlet.


The Apollo-P 500 is powered by a compact, lightweight design. Flexible charging capability accommodates a wide range of charging needs. No more vying with family or friends for a quick charge.So feel free to explore the wonderful outdoors and run your equipment like blenders, pellet smokers, projectors and tools.

High -quality BMC control system and MPPT technology

Apollo has 10+ outputs and 520Wh battery capacity which can power several devices with all the ports you will use at the same time. There are three ways to charge Apollo - Car/Solar Panel/AC Wall Outlet.The ultra-safe High Energy Density Lithium-battery cells and premium BMS tech offer multiple protections, so your devices and appliances are protected while being charged.

High energy density lithium battery

High energy density lithium battery

The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) and pure sine wave inverter protect your sensitive devices from damage, high power density, high current charge, and discharge; good low-temperature emission characteristics, environmental protection, and no pollution.


1. Portable Power Station 2. Car Charger Cable 3. AC Charging Adapter 4. User Guide (NOTE: Due to the large size of the HOPWINN power station and solar panels, PO Box addresses are not accepted.)

How to connect with solar panels

SHOW Apollo- S 100



Howpinn's most professional designers and R&D team provide the best camping experience for your camping.



Lightweight and compact Apollo with high endurance charging


There are totally three methods to charge the portable generators
1. Charge through AC wall charger
2. Charge from solar panel
3. Charge from your car with a 12V cigarette lighter

The Apollo portable generator is designed to retain up to 80% (80%DOD) of its original capacity > 1000times complete charge cycles when operating under normal situation.

No, according the transportation regulation, the 520Wh portable generator can not 

1-Year-Limit standard warranty period

Rough calculation: AC output working time = 520Wh * 0.85 / the power of your device

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