Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy of Portable Generators

Dear all customers, sincerely thanks for choosing Apollo! The warranty is for direct business with HOPWINN.UK, other suppliers, and distributors, other than HOPWINN.UK may provide their warranties to you. Please refer to their relative documents and clarifications for further information.
Moreover, please note that the warranty period may change according to specific laws and regulations from different European countries. You may have other rights from state to state or by province or by country.
All products purchased on HOPWINN.UK comes with a limited warranty (“warranty”) as set out below. by using the HOPWINN product, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the HopWinn LIMITED WARRANTY.

We provide a limited warranty for purchases on HOPWINN.UK. The warranty period is measured starting on the date the original consumer purchaser received the products.
Warranty Description
- Exclusions and Limitations
- This warranty does not apply:
- Non-quality related issues;
- Items purchased from unauthorized resellers;
- Items that have been refunded;
- Items that have expired their warranty period;
Any defects or damages caused by misuse of products, unauthorized modification, disassembly, or operation not following the official instructions or manuals;
Any defects or damages caused by exposure to excessive heat, liquids, or other external causes;
Any defects or damages caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthorized third-party parts;
- Lost or stolen products;
- Free products.
- Purchases without valid proof of purchase;
Valid Proof of Purchase: HOPWINN will provide you an order number based on the Europe warehouse' colleagues' feedback;
- Sales invoice or order confirmation email that clearly shows the description of the product, its price, and sales channel.

Most of our products have a 24-month standard warranty. Because most shipping information cannot be found online after 6 months the transport ends (if the original purchaser can’t find it online), the warranty period is measured starting on the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser. We will extend the warranty period for you by one month.